Decision making – good luck.

Get out of the car and forget about driving to that out-of-town tile warehouse. Herringbone tile pattern by Tile TrampWalls and Floors is all you need. Their selection; unrivalled, their price points; the best online, their service; sublime. Before you ask, they deliver samples, for free, and at 70% off the retail cost of one tile (I am 100 tiles down and light a mere £22). Couple this company with eloquent design blogger Tile Tramp and I defy you to not to be inspired. My coveted little gems include the beautifully compact bevelled brick mirror tile and the wonderful line-drawing pattern designs by the Tramp. With an armful more cash I plan a herringbone mirrored wall in the walk in wardrobe.


Found, Tradesman. Rated, Great!

Plumbers are like sunny days in Edinburgh, difficult to find and hard to keep ahold of (terrible I know, nomatter). is a great site and it brought Alex and I together. Alex being my plumber versus my Significant Other. It allows you to find good (great in the case of Alex) tradesmen who must sign up to take part which negates the endless searching, and rate them when they do a wonderful (hopefully)  job. The e-Harmony of Trades, find your perfect match!


Made for You

Having worked in the industry I am torn between the need to provide a retail service versus the need to source wonderful products for genuinely valuable prices. appear to have secured the niche. Their up-front 14 week delivery time explains that they are purchasing items on container, paying for items and bringing them to the UK post-order. The prices are the reward for patience. Designer products at cost price. One a budget this company is invaluable, and their website is pretty nifty too.


Town & Country Preservation

In scenes reminiscent of Ms Beeny’s ‘Help My House is Falling Down’ as we dug out ash deafening (old newspaper and general lazy-builder’s junk) the rotten joist, or more appropriately what was left of it, became more apparant. Until eventually, seven full bags of charcoal later, the worst appeared; one original solid oak floor joist reduced to dust; one solid oak strut devoid of an end joint, it too evaporated after years of dripping from above. The ceiling was simply floating on air, supported by dusty reminents. Enter uniformed Tommy and his two man team. Experienced, licensed to treat all types of rot and timber damage with work guarnateed for 20 years, affordable and endowed with a general knowledge to rival Stephen Fry. They need not advertise because their customers, aka me, will selflesly promote their exceptional service. So, looking for damp treatment? Here, call them: Town & Country Preservation, 72 Glasgow Road, Corstorphine, EH12 8LW. 0131 317 9222.