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Blood would ruin my white glosswork

Apologies for the long empty pause in posts (if interested!). We hit a wall.

Not one of those literal walls that result in clouds of delicious 100 year old plaster dust up into the air and any open orifice, or the type felt in a calf after a 25 mile pounding marathon. One of those figurative walls; the result of six straight weeks of work involving hands and new muscles; exhaustion; and defeat inspired by 90 boxes of Swedish kitchen; by the grounding (on the ground floor) of a large range cooker, fridge freezer, dishwasher and cooker hood. By the realization that getting to the bought-a-kitchen-hoorah stage was oh so only the beginning.

The knives came out and the Will looked like a bloody great investment. Suddenly, maybe Other Half was to perish in a danger-is-all-around-the-home accident and I instantly inherited enough money to pay someone else to finish flat, was a definitely viable option.

I cannot advocate the life-giving vitality of sleep. Anywhere. Even in a bed stained with fake tan and general building site grime not changed for weeks. Deep, lulling, unconscious, couldn’t hear the fire alarm go off, slumber. For this is the result of hard work, there is no reading or watching or doing before bed. There is simply the head-hits-the-pillow-eyes-close state.  It is really very nice until the alarm goes off and your real job begins again.

Couple this with the most stressful three weeks of over-stuffed day job work and the ‘wall’ was a glorious car crash! Reigning in what was left of sanity and storming out of the flat for a full three days offered ahhhhh sweet release. If you are renovating a property that is also your full time home then stand up, holler and take a bow. Because you are a lunatic. Or a hero. And you should look at Travelodge.co.uk

But keep watching… because post holocaust the end is nigh. Shivery thrills!  #OperationCupOfTea if you can’t sleep, much more preferable to ripping apart the city, by the way, morons. #OperationCupOfTea - Join and Enjoy Rioting Loons

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