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In the words of Natalie Imbruglia

I am torn.

If you haven’t already, and if not why not you are supposed to move through every page thanks, click onto ‘Recommend’. Here you will find a link to my favourite website. It happens to be related to this renovation project but before this journey began I followed it passionately. From concept to style to page design and product selection, every aspect of this website, this company, tickled me. Now, mid renovation, made.com is little inspiration hub. Single chairs have inspired whole room treatments.

If you have clicked, and we have now established you always do, through to ‘About’ you will also know that I work for a Creative Agency, and this week we were shortlisted for a prestigious Dadi award! Enter Natalie.

For shortlisted in our category, leaping off the page is Made.com.

Our shortlisted site is great. It is eye-catching, sleek, cool but a bit quirky and its subject matter is a real coo to have on the books. The traffic it generates is sensational, but it pales in comparison to my wunderlust website. I am biased, but in the wrong direction, such is the draw of a successful, well-executed idea and the website it becomes encapsulated within.

The award ceremony will be held in Leeds this November and I am far too lowly for the directorate to take to such a costly event. However, I shall wait for the results with baited breath anyway. Let the best site win… Made.com (fingers crossed the boss hasn’t noticed this blog, unless Made are up for headhunting?)

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