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In Sickness and Laith

As with an age-old marriage there are points in a renovation where you wonder why on earth you picked this one.

There were ‘plenty more fish in the sea’ springs quickly to mind as your (spectacular, wonderful, live-saving, money-can’t-buy) Joiner gently pushes his screwdriver through the 2000mm x 250mm (once Solid) Oak joist holding up the entire back wall, Kitchen and window.

Wet Rot is better than Dry, just as joint income is better than single. Hey at least you can syphon a sneaky pair of heels off the joint account now and again. And at least rot of the wet variety can be treated with a simple out-with-the-old solution as opposed to a full fungal, specialist 10 step (similar to AA one would imagine) programme.

However, post agreement with Joiner that this is merely an issue NOT a problem comes the fix.

The process involves; cutting the floor boards one at a time; removing the Ash defeaning; saving said deafening in cement bags for reinstating later; and moving onto the next board until Joist is revealed. Or in this case, Joist and Neighbour… TBC.


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