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All By Myself

Unlike the line in the namesake song I do want to be all by myself. A morning alone in my old building encouraged an archeological dig – despite some consternation from the returning party and significant Other.

Ripping back thick layers of textured wallpaper and lining down to the original skimmed pastel green walls a second yellow plaster appeared. Knocking the width of the wall hollows echoed back and frankly the combination forced an investigation.

With the greatest care the hole started very dainty; neatly. Chipping away carefully just in case there was never a fireplace here and the Plasterer distantly adds another wad of twenties to his mounting bill.

Careful measured dents very quickly became deeper chiseling became scraping at three inch thick plaster to reveal new, copper red brick.

Then came the carpet and the lining and the skirting and voila one hearth, complete with coal dust and a Victorian rough brick base jointed with thin slate.

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