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Sanity Lost, if found please return to Santander

At 0842am customer (me) called Santander to translate utter consternation at loss of chaps payment.

Santander Staffer answers said call and explains that despite assurances from his colleague working the nightshift, he cannot trace payment nor give any further information. This can only be supplied from the branch.

Caller (namely me) loses patience and yells profanities down phoneline, before calmly issuing instruction. Evidently Santander and their staff require guiding.


  • Call the branch
  • Inform the manager I am on my way and expect him to be waiting at the door to greet me,
  • with A) a detailed explanation of the Chaps error and a guarantee it will transfer okay second time around. And a refund of both £25 charges.
  • Or B) an envelope containing, preferably, very large notes to the sum of said lost deposit.


REPLY is :”Okay”, followed by a brief silence

Some not unpleasant music is channeled down my ear canal.

Eventually my nameless attendee returns, full of apology and what could possibly be misconstrued as remorse;

‘The branch is closed until 10am. For staff training.” Well isn’t that ironic!!


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