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Victoriana A Home’s History

1870 –    The majority of homes, old or new, had Gaslight. With Oil Lamps in bedrooms if money was   tight and you lived seriously far below the Warburtons line.

1875 –     Updated building regulations put an end to back-to-back houses, where homes only had windows to one wall because their neighours surrounded them on the remaining four sides.  The new law prescribes room and window size and the distance between each new build.

1878 –    The electric light bulb is invented by Joseph Swan.

1879 –    The electric light bulb is invented by Thomas Edison – if you swear your glass orb of light allegiance elsewhere.

1880 -   Victorians, even the lesser off, live in homes spreading to one or two rooms spread over two floors. Living rooms were on the ground floor and up to three bedrooms nestled on the second.

1880 -   Gas fires (and eventually cookers) shoot onto the ‘must have’ list and grow in popularity

1881 -    The fantasy flat is built. By George Roberts. Builder, married to Elizabeth Roberts, residing in Haymarket Edinburgh

Feu said George

On the Seventeenth day of March in the year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighty One, The Fantasy Flat is registered for Feu Duty to William Henry Revell Bedell Sivright Esquire of South House, of the Estate of Gorgie.

1920 –    Fantasy Flat is inherited by Elizabeth. George is deceased and widow Elizabeth is left alone with their only son.  George’s Solicitor George More and their Book Keeper George Logan have popped it too – 1920, a bad year for Georges.

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