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Ice Ice Baby

Did I mention my role in life that pays for [50%] of this project? FYI I am a Digital Project Manager (managing Websites/ Video Production/ Print/ Marketing/ Voiceovers).

And I recently have made a new friend. He is the Picture Editor for House & Garden, who are publishing an article on one of my clients. In desperate need of imagery larger than a postage stamp I was issued the task of sourcing some originals for said chap. It is a long, procrastinated process as we hunt for one disc in four offices spread over a 40 mile radius from one of my high maintenance clients. He remains ever patient, polite and shocked at my 9am Red Bull habit, and so out of interest I purchased his magazine.

This is not the magazine for me. This is choose-your-English-Oak-tree-for-your-kitchen-worktop bespoke. This is walk in wardrobes that rival my master bedroom. This is master craftsman finishing and this returns us back to the original Fantasy Flat realm of a lotto win.

However, this doubles as sublime inspiration. There are definitely ideas from the top end that could be altered and incorporated into the latest incarnation of the Kitchen. Top of the list is an ice bucket integrated into the worktop of the breakfast bar. I hope our kitchen becomes a buzz of people dropping by whenever and the kitchen will be the watering hole.  So I am off to source a rectangular collinder basin and plastic extension pipe…

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