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Grand Designs

One glass of wine and an hour of Kevin Mcleod later and I have drafted my Grand Design. It is no longer about the interior, original fittings, carefully matched furniture and accessories, it is about the architectural masterpiece that is waiting to leap from this little old piece of the 1900s.

At full, Sauvignon Blanc fuelled sketching and googling, the flat bitumen roof has been crafted into a South-facing roof terrace. Replete with period stone balistrade – possibly reclaimed from the architectural salvage yard – and lowered roof, to compensate for the height restriction probably imposed by Planning. A sculpted wood and glass spiral staircase, dropping carefully into the hallway, topped by a motorised glass roof panel that slides away when you want to enjoy a view. Two knocked down walls to open the hall, dining-kitchen and living room and augmented bathroom and second hallway to create a sleek, fully tiled, en-suite wet room and family bathroom.

But midway through the nonsensical fantasising that would fail a Planning request no matter how many of the panel you slept with, a few feasible, not altogether insane ideas developed.

Architect Friend, already on hand for the damp treatment, is going to work with me to establish where and where I cannot, knock out holes! The windows are small. The Kitchen is getting a full makeover and flooding this room with light in the form of a floor to ceiling window would make a considerable difference. The external façade is tiled in a continuation of the roof finishing so the window would sit around a foot from the edge of the wall head. If possible a Julliette balcony could finish the space and tidy the exterior. Matched to the black ironmongery to the front of the flat, the newly created balconette space would allow for window box herb garden and, more importantly, pass health and safety reg and allow for a full height hinged window.

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