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No one starts with shoes

I own a couple of (hundred) pairs of shoes. It was a collection started when I could get drunk on a mere £10 and my Saturday job was in a Schuh store. Over the years it slowly grew (more and more out of control) before age, travel and nights out all got a lot more expensive.

The presumption that a (unwieldy) collection of shoes must dictate an outfit is false. Why start with the shoe. They are the last, finishing touch, to a look. Skinnies/ shorts/ skirt/ dress, each points to a different shoe to prevent cankle/ winklepicker/ casual/ high maintenance appearance.

Which is why (of course) I have just purchased a beautiful kitchen tap. Before purchasing the kitchen. Or the house.

The tap, standing at a statuesque 700mm, is oversized for 11sqm of kitchen. However, it will provide the architectural finish in what will become a contemporary, plainly finished fitted kitchen. It will prevent kitchen cankle.

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