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JLo Made Me Nibble

You’ll have to excuse me, blog might ramble, I am high on ebay-win endorphins. Ebay must feed into a deep routed primal need to come out on top, as despite an indifference to winning at any sport, I simply must win an ebay auction. Spurred on by Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull, MTV and the volume set to 78 (the Samsung counts).

Unbeknown to Other Half we are now the owners of a Vintage Brass (coloured) Bevelled Glass Lantern “with a few nibbles” – I love ebay for its owner-specified descriptions. Perhaps she had Brass mice.

This is not, strictly speaking, the product I was hunting for. Ambitiously, an original Victorian copper lamppost lantern topper was my quarry. Ambitiously priced at circa £200, before Electrician had converted it for internal use and fitted a lightbulb setting inside. So the Nibble was a steal at a mere tenth of the price!

When I pick up the keys next Friday (the Nibble is being delivered to work, no one need know it was an over-zealous interior purchase without a home, yet) it is going to wander with me on that initial tour-of-all-that-is-mine. The Nibble and I were meant to be!

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