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I am a border collie. One of those very well trained, Crufts performers jumping through hoops and running through tunnels. The bank is my owner and I am the pet.

Essentially, the mortgage process continues to drag on. They require yet more documentation to prove income, second income, tertiary income, past, previous and future income, savings, investments and the amount of loose change stuffed down the side of the sofa.

Then we wait, The Broker informs me. I don’t have the patience! How can it possibly take this long to assess income, add a credit rating, check a home report transcript and provide an answer.  There are definitely computers for this type of maths.

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  1. Posted 23 Nov ’11 at 12:10 am | Permalink

    I have just laughed and laughed my way through your blog. It is the first time I’ve read it and it’s brilliant. Your writing is sooooooo tongue-in-cheek that you have to do double takes in some bits and I love the candid observations on life ie ‘the sexist prick and the bag of plaster’. My fav bits – very hard to decide – but it would have to be the tooth fairy and the shag pile (sounds like a great title for a book ha ha). When are you adding the next bit?
    M xxx

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